unexpected discoveries about Missouri.

I have no clue where this picture was taken because I didn't take it.  And it looks more like Illinois than Missouri, haha.

My mom and I were talking a few weeks ago about St. Louis.  I told her that sometimes I have these moments where I'll be walking to my car after class, or driving on the freeway after going grocery shopping, where I think Oh my gosh.  I live in St. Louis...I live in Missouri.  And not that I consider it a bad thing!  I just never imagined that I'd be living in Missouri one day.  In fact, if you had asked me a few years ago where St. Louis is and what's there, I would've had to stop and think for a minute or two.

I knew St. Louis was in the Midwest/Northwest somewhere, but I definitely didn't know it's right on the Mississippi River.

I wasn't expecting extremely humid summers and so many rainy days.  I also wasn't expecting so little snow in the winter.

I didn't realize that St. Louis has socio-economic and racial diversity.

I thought Missouri was going to look an awful lot like Kansas--flat, brown, and empty.  (It's actually hilly, green, and has a lot to offer.)

I didn't know that there are so many "big" cities within 4 hours from here (Nashville, Memphis, Kansas City, Louisville, and Indianapolis), and even more 5-6 hours away (Lexington, Cincinnati, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, and Des Moines).

I wasn't expecting so many drivers that go 5 mph below the speed limit and never use their blinkers. ;)

I didn't know that I would enjoy being in a small ward as much as I do.  So many service opportunities and chances to teach investigators with the missionaries have come my way, that I feel so blessed!

I really love that there are so many new things to explore and discover nearby, and it makes me excited to figure out over the next few years where we'll end up next!  It sure keeps life exciting. :)

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  1. I love unexpected beauty! I had no idea that it would get little snow!