U T A H // Part 1

Our trip to Utah was so much fun!  We spent quite a bit of time outdoors, saw family and friends, and ate way too much (Cafe Rio twice!).  We celebrated two birthdays, watched a few movies, discovered some new snow cone shacks, baked some sweets, did some shopping, and stayed up late more nights than not.  The best part was just spending time together with each other!  Now for the first part of my photo dump... ;)
Graduation. Lots of air horns, flower leis, and quotes about inches and miles.  And Mexican food after to celebrate!  (Hey, Mom.  Two down, three to go!)
Sister and I drove up the canyon and stopped to check out the reservoir.  The weather was perfect!
I took too many panoramas whilst in Utah.  Growing up in the Beehive State, I always knew it was beautiful and awesome, but going back this time, I could help but think Wow! each time I saw the mountains.  I promise to try to not post as many panoramas in the next post!

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! I love the white cap and gown, thats really crisp looking!