neon workout gear is all the rage.

About a month and a half ago, Ben and I woke up to hundreds of runners right outside our window.  As you can see from the picture, most runners were wearing neon gear of one kind or another.  Not pictured is the middle-aged man wearing a wig and belly shirt dancing to music he was blasting out of his car, AND banging on a cowbell.  All day long, and all throughout General Conference.  That was awesome.

After much some contemplation, I have concluded that neon workout gear is great for three reasons:

1) You're less likely to get hit by a car because everyone can see you from three blocks away. 
2) Your bright outfit will distract from your sweaty face.
3) You can go straight from a run to an 80s dance party or perhaps a circus.

Neon workout gear forever! 

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