20 ways to make money from home!

Note: this is a re-post from yesterday because I accidentally deleted the post.  Oops!

Regardless of whether you're a SAHM/D (stay-at-home mom or dad) or you work full-time at your dream job, everyone loves to have some extra cash in the bank account!  Or maybe for that great pair of shoes you saw last week... :)  Without further ado, here are 20 easy and fabulous ways to make money from home.

1)  Amazon Mechanical Turk - complete some simple tasks like tagging 5 words that come to mind when viewing a photo, looking at receipts companies have posted, checking online contact info to make sure it's correct, etc. and earn a few cents for each thing!  Note: there is a 48 hour waiting period after you apply.

2)  Go to your local Goodwill,  Salvation Army, Deseret Industries, etc. and find really awesome stuff to sell online through Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, etc.!  I know someone who does this and she can easily cover her rent each month from the profits.  Granted, she does spend a good 3-5 hours each week hunting through stores, but it's something she enjoys.

3)  Do you sew super cute little baby shoes?  Make your own jewelry?  Take photos that you want to sell?  Open an Etsy shop and spread the word to all of your friends and family.

4)  Have a blog?  Throw some ads up on your blog using Google AdSense and make money off of your page views and from others clicking on the ads.

5)  Do your spring cleaning and sell your unwanted stuff on Ebay!  Don't forget to look through video games, movies, and cd's that you and your family never use.

6)  Find something you enjoy and are good at, and teach it to others.  (Music lessons, tutor students, teach cake decorating, start up a yoga class, etc.)

7)  Virtual Assistants - Become someone's assistant, and...work from home!  I think this would be great for someone who's super good at organizing, handling phone calls, emailing, etc.

8)  Start up a daycare or babysit.  Easy to do if you have the space in your house, or if you have young kids that like to play with other kids a lot.

9)  Write an e-book.  I know quite a few people who have done this and made a good amount of money from it.

10)  Have extra gift cards laying around that you know you'll never use?  Trade them for cash over at Cardpool.com.

11)  Do online surveys!  I've used Opinion OutpostSurvey SavvyZoom Pannel, and Survey Spot before, but my favorite is Toluna!  In the last week alone, I've made $20 from completing surveys on Toluna whenever I have a few extra minutes.  Their app and online site are both extremely user friendly and easy to understand.

12)  Sell old cell phones and electronics over at Gazelle.

13)  Interested in making a few dollars here and there simply for working out, tracking your food, and eating fruits and veggies?  Then check out Pact!  After downloading the app, you connect either a credit card or PayPal account to your Pact account, and you set personal goals for your week.  For example, I set my account to read that I would workout 4 times/week and eat 20 fruits and veggies/week.  Next, you set the amount you want the app to charge you for each missed workout or missed fruit/veggie.  20 fruits and veggies at $5 per missed one is quite a bit!  However, it's super motivating because no one wants to lose money.  Last week I made $4 for completing all of my goals.  It's not a ton, but it's been adding up over the past few weeks!

14)  Check out Zaarly and do random jobs for people whenever you have a spare hour or two.

15)   Find a company that will let you take calls and/or reservations from home.  I know JetBlue does this.

16)  Live in a city?  Download the Gigwalk app and complete tasks as you walk around your neighborhood.  For example, take a picture of a street sign, post a restaurant's hours, take a picture of a street corner,

17)  Teach English from your home through Italki.  I think this site allows you to set your own rate, but $15/hour seems to be the norm.

18)  Although it's highly unlikely you can complete this one from home, donate plasma and receive compensation for your efforts.  You could also sell your hair if you aren't too attached to it. ;)

19)  Download Shopkick and get rewards and offers for walking into stores or trying on clothes!  This is my kind of thing. :)

20)  Rent out a room, or even your entire basement, if you have the extra space!  Or list your place on Airbnb if you'll be gone for a week. 

Am I missing anything awesome out there?  Leave a comment with other great ways to make money from home! :)


  1. I don't have any ideas on how to make money from home, but this list was super helpful! Thank you so much for sharing!

    P.S. Your blog is so so cute, I'm so glad I found it! :)


  2. I like "donate plasma." I could read a book while doing that.

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