infinitely more.

Yesterday in my Primary class we talked about a group of people in the Book of Mormon who had a mighty change of heart. Ultimately, this people chose good over evil, and were blessed by doing so. It got me thinking about how we're really more than the mistakes we make, and definitely more than our limitations--both of body and spirit.

I took a psychology class in high school and was taught about Carl Rogers and his humanistic approach to psychology.  It basically boils down to the belief that people are inherently good.  (Don't judge me if I have that wrong. ;)) I remember sitting in my seat listening to the teacher and thinking "Hey! That's basically how I think about humanity."  I guess little by little over the past few years, I've become more critical of humanity in general and developed the habit of assuming that (most) people are driven by selfish reasons.  And maybe it's because my eyes have been opened as I've grown up and had more life experiences?  I'm not quite sure.

The above quote is pulled from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland's talk from this past general conference which focused on mental and physical illnesses; however, I believe the quote is multifaceted.  I love the words for the fact that it can apply to our human nature and life circumstances, and I love the simple reminder it provides me.

Here's to trying harder to see past the imperfections of others, and trying harder to see people for their potential.  Fitting for the holiday season, isn't it?



  1. Such a good quote - great post!

  2. I could have a good long chat on that quote. He speaks truth. (maybe that's why we love him so much!)