i swear the holidays revolve around food.

// My work had an As Seen on TV themed white elephant Christmas party. This Perfect Polly was too good to pass up, even though the Walgreens cashier judged me the whole time I was checking out.

// Peppermint cheesecake!  Recipe here.

// Cheesecake, again.

// We attended ward temple night last night and loved the holiday lights on the trees!  It isn't Temple Square by any means, but it's a good substitute for now.  :)

Not pictured, but we went to PF Chang's with some friends over the weekend and holy cow.  I didn't remember how delicious that place can be!  (I don't know if it's a local thing or what, but they gave our friends who had never been there before each a giftcard.  Maybe go see if your local PF Chang's is doing the same thing?)  Run and get some lettuce wraps and Mongolian Beef.

And happy holidays! :)

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