intermittent thoughts, pt 2.

These eggs were given to me by a sweet, pudgy, old woman from the middle of nowhere Missouri.  She and her husband came to the hospital to talk about a study we're doing, and she brought a bag full of veggies fresh from her garden and eggs gathered that morning.  I get to wear scrubs to work and I get fresh eggs?!  I'm so blessed. ;)

Our apartment was hit by a tornado.  Or at least it looks that way with 500 boxes everywhere.  We move into the little red brick house this weekend and are over the moon excited!  (Could you all pray/cross your fingers/make an 11:11 wish that the house will be finished by Saturday morning at 8 am?  As of yesterday evening, the upstairs bathroom hadn't been touched, carpet hadn't been put down, and the wood floors hadn't been refinished yet.  Obviously, we're nervous that it won't be done on time and we have to be out of our apartment this weekend!  Hashtag homeless, hashtag I don't think I'd survive the streets.)

I consumed 5 bags of cough drops last week.  That's roughly 1,800 calories.  FROM COUGH DROPS. (I'd rather those 1,800 calories come from something really great like P.F. Chang's chocolate cake or Cafe Rio.)  Strep is awful, doctors are wonderful, and cough drops are saintly.  Also, getting an inhaler as an adult is just as nerdy as getting one as a little kid.  I'm almost embarrassed. Almost.

HAPPY FRIDAY!  We'll (hopefully!) be spending our weekend moving and unpacking.  Yay!


  1. Crossing my fingers and toes and eyes. Hope it all comes together quick!

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  3. Yay congrats!! I'm SO happy for you guys. Mmmm chocolate cake from PF changs is my most favorite dessert!! Hope everything works out :)