i'm one of those people who doesn't mind being home alone.

The other night, Ben had to stay late at school to hold a test review for the undergrad course he's been TA-ing.  Naturally, I did what any female in her 20's would do and put on a chick flick.  And then proceeded to do the dishes, clean up the apartment, iron some clothes that had been laying around for far too long, sewed some table runners, and busted out some fall decor.  I'm most productive when I'm home alone.  :)

P.S.  Now I'm feeling an itch to set up the Christmas tree and get out the Christmas music!  Anyone else out there anxious to do the same??


  1. I'm setting up on November 1st. It's killing me to wait that long.

  2. Yes!! I cannot wait to start decorating the tree!!

  3. i'm the same way... i love to be alone! especially home and cozy :)