a failed peach picking attempt.

I guess when you're wanting to go pick some fruit, it'd probably be a good idea to check the weather first.  If you don't, you'll pull into the parking lot as the first few raindrops start to fall--which will not-so-gradually intensify and become a downpour. ;) Fortunately we were able to stuff our faces with all kinds of delicious (and oh so unhealthy) fried foods in the restaurant while keeping dry.  Although we weren't brave enough to face the orchards in the downpour, we still had a great time perusing the little market and spending time with friends.

PS - check out Baby J in that second picture.  Isn't he the cutest?


  1. I love Eckert's! Make sure to go there for apple picking and to their pumpkin patch! We miss you guys and St. Louis so much!

    1. COME BACK!!

      Camden needs me to squeeze his cute little thighs. And we need to go to Ted Drewes still!