we love visitors!

We were lucky enough to have my cousin who lives in Chicago come and visit last weekend.  If you know her, you know that she is a party and a half, so when you throw in some great food and late night chats until 5:30 am, you're living the dream. ;)  We tried to pack as much fun in as we could into the 1.5 days she was here, which explains the 3.5 hours of sleep on Friday night/early Saturday morning.  Thanks to the gorgeous weather, we were able to visit the temple, the art museum, the zoo, and the Missouri Botanical Gardens...and become Asian tourists and ride plastic sheep.  It happens.


  1. The temple and animals and good food?! That sounds too good to be true

  2. WAIT. SHUT UP. Mandie is your cousin??!?! She was my roommate when I was engaged to Travis. that's so crazyyyy.

    1. YOU KNOW MANDIE?!?! Hahaha, I swear everyone knows her! Small world...