they say it takes 21 days.

21 days that is, to break a habit.

Like eating too much sugar,
and not enough fruits and veggies.
Or spending too much money,
and not saving enough.
Or watching too much tv,
and not exercising enough.
Or sleeping in too much,
and not getting up early.
Or focusing too much on yourself,
and not enough on others.
Or wasting too much time on pointless things,
and not studying your scriptures long enough.
Or texting too much,
and not reading enough.
Whatever that "too much" thing is for you,
break that habit in 21 days.  :)
I need buddies to keep me motivated!

{I'm working on the sugar thing...
and because I'm pathetic, it's gonna kick my butt.}


  1. I am waiting until my 21 days is up. Hoollyyy talito it's so hard. I'm not eating sugar & I'm eating clean. It's a lot harder than I thought! It seems like there's always something to work on, doesn't it? All of those things..I could see myself changing too. We'll motivate each other! We can do it! :)

  2. Sugar is addictive and would kick ANYBODY'S butt when they try to quit it. Awesome idea, I need to think of a habit to make or break and try this also! Good luck with yours.