workout wear wishes.

Please, please, please with a cherry on top?

A lady I work with gave me a pass to her friend's new fitness studio for a week of free classes.  You'd better believe I'm going to take advantage of that and hit up as many yoga, zumba, and stretching classes (Yes, stretching classes!) as I can!  The fact that the studio is right above a bakery might be counter-productive... 

Let's talk about this workout wear for a minute though.  I know Lululemon has had a rough week with the whole "see through yoga pants" issue, but that doesn't make me wish for that fabulous coral jacket any less.  I'll just make sure I stick with Target's workout capris. ;) Also, did you know that you can design your own pair of Nikes?  I must live under a rock, because this is news to me.  Hello, mint running shoes!  I hope to be seein' you around.


  1. Those clothes are the kind that make you want to go and work out, just to wear the outfit! ;)


    1. I couldn't agree more. I feel like half of the time that I do workout, I'm more excited to wear bright and fun (not to mention comfy!) clothes, haha.

  2. lululemon will be the death of me.

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