ever been to a glass factory?

Friday evening we met up with some friends and decided to go check out this free event that was going on not too far from home at a glass factory.  We got there just in time to watch some glass art presentations, which in all honesty, weren't too exciting since the whole process is so sloooow!  The finished product sure is cool looking though. And expensive!  I could buy a house, or an expensive sports car, or a private island, or a small army, or the entire state of Vermont with all of the glass art that we looked at!

After this fun artsy experience, we decided to end the night with some fine dining.  Since we don't drink wine and weren't willing to dish out $100 on dinner... Noodles & Co. and Ted Drewes Frozen Custard it was for us! ;)  The poor man's fine dining experience.  It's the small things that count more anyway, right?


  1. Love the glass. Glad you're having some fun. Can't just work, work, work, right?

    1. You would have liked the factory. They had some cool stuff!