you know you love mail treasures too.

Ben is always the one who checks the mail.  It's, like, his job, you know?  Once we park and walk to the lobby floor, I go and hit the elevator button and Ben checks the mail.  Usually he'll walk over to me with grocery ads, credit card applications, bills, and the occasional mail treasure.

mail trea·sure:  noun  \ˈmāl ˈtre-zhər\
Something snazzy sent to you from someone who obviously adores the crap out of you.  Could be, but is not limited to:  candy, a letter, birthday presents, fuzzy socks, a good book, fingernail polish, holiday decorations, doodles drawn during a class, a good book, funny cards, a check, homemade items, old family photos, dvds/cds, edible fruit bouquets, blankets, clothes, flowers, souvenirs from trips, etc.

Friday was a lucky mail day.  Ben walked over with a mail treasure and I was over the moon.  A Valentine's Day themed message in a bottle.

Thanks, family!  I especially love the note from my youngest brother... Dear Lex & Ben, (mostly Ben) ... ;)

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