"cold, cold, cold. comin' our way."

Blogger is showing me that I had 101 views from Russia last month... so "привет!" to all of you who can read that.

I did a terrible thing today.  I made cupcakes to take to work tomorrow for a co-worker's birthday.  But, you see, I have a cold.  I did make sure to wash my hands a million times and not breath on anything.  Pray for the health of 15+ people, will ya?

And you should probably watch this short YouTube video I've conveniently placed here for you.  It's just too over the top and made me do a "bowl full of jelly" kind of laugh.  They don't even know what cold is.


  1. I just comment on all of your posts. It's fine. This is hilarious. And makes me hate California a little.

  2. haha praying for those 15+ people who will be eating your cupcakes!

    ps can i be one of those 15 people? :)
    i love cupcakes. with or without germs. preferably without though <3

    The DayLee Journal

    1. Haha, I'd be MORE than happy to share these extras! ;)

  3. ahhh hope you get better.
    the germs probably won't last that long anyways. no worries. haha.
    loving your blog.