simplicity at its finest.

Seeing as 3 people asked me this week what Ben and I have been up to for the past little while, I'm starting to think that I'm a bad blog updater.  ;)  So for you 3... voilĂ .

Ben spends his days studying for finals, serving as the 2nd counselor in the YM's presidency, reading books on building furniture and construction, watching BYU and the Broncos play football, dreaming of Christmas plans to go snowboarding, taking his wife out for date nights, and wishing that he could get out of his last final.

I spend my days working 9-5, writing a final paper for my online class, serving as ward librarian, trying new recipes, reading books on body language (I'm on this super weird kick but it's all terribly fascinating), shopping for & wrapping Christmas presents, dreaming of snow, going to the gym, and anxiously awaiting Christmas break.

We're happy, healthy, and hoping that the week will fly by!

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