hobo clothes & pencil skirts.

Guys... this news is like the best things I've heard in months.

I found the perfect job!!!  And got it!

Definitely learned a lot of lessons through it all, but the biggest one was to trust in Heavenly Father's timing.  The craziest thing about it all was that before we moved out here I started applying to jobs and was hearing back from multiple companies, except they wanted someone to start up immediately.  I couldn't do that since we were still in Utah and in school.  Once we got out here, nothing.  I wasn't having very much luck.

Long story short... lots of job searching.  Job interviews.  Discouraged girl.  Jobs came along, but not what was wanted.  Girl figures will have to plan on being a hobo.  More job searching.  More job interviews not going anywhere.  Girl buys hobo clothes and finds perfect hobo corner.  Amazing job comes along.  Lots of praying.  Gets to the final interview stage.  Asked if job is wanted.  Fist pump in front of professor offering job.  (Just kidding.)  Fist pump later in privacy of apartment.  Girl gets rid of hobo clothes and buys a nice pencil skirt instead.

The End.

Happy Friday to you all, and have a fabulous weekend!