a note & a quick update.

The past week has been a whirlwind of job interviews.  And now, the waiting.  Also, last weekend we hit up the Hot Air Balloon Race(/thing?) with some friends, which was pretty fun!  I hadn't been that close to so many of them before.

My wildest dreams came true last night, and I got my very first--and only--DSLR camera(!!!).  It was a happy moment, and now I just have to figure out how to use all these little features.

Today in church, we did something I've never heard of being done before.  For the last two hours of church, the Relief Society met together for a Visiting Teaching Conference.  We heard some talks on the importance of Visiting Teaching, watched a funny skit, and ate brunch while the men took over everyone's callings.  A pretty great change if you ask me!  ;)

And now something completely random, just because I can.
(aka - "Newlywed Mushy Stuff")

1.  The way you give your all when playing dancing games.
2.  Your crazy voices.
3.  How you walk in circles while talking on the phone.
4.  Your willingness to compromise.
5.  Your desire to do good and improve the world.
6.  The way you put up with my incessant talking.
7.  Listening to you sing.
8.  Your sweet guitar skills.
9.  How you like to eat healthy & workout.
10.  The way you can talk to anyone you meet.

(Photo by Maria Wood)

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