just havin' a little good news moment.

Guys.  We got internet today.  {Insert picture of B and I doing a happy dance, leaping around the living room, and singing praises to the AT&T worker who visited our apartment.  Or something like that.}  After a week and a half of no internet, the blessed day arrived.  You know, first world problems and the like.

Second, I started my first online class today!  Yay for school.

Third, I did something with my hair besides leaving it down straight for the first time in two weeks.  Saw myself in the mirror and didn't even recognize myself!  Not really.  But I'm still going to document it for posterity, or maybe just to motivate myself.

Fourth, I think I might be able to convince B that we need Funnel Cake from the super sketch truck down by the river tonight.  If he doesn't go for that, then we're definitely making chocolate ganache.  Win either way.

Fifth,    ....... IT'S FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAY!  PARTY AND PARTYIN', YEAH!  Curse Rebecca Black and her infamous song.


But really.


  1. Lex. I miss you. You're great, so I hope you're having a fantastic adventure presently.

    1. Thanks, Jordan! :) It's definitely different, but I like it!

  2. oh that stinkin song! hahaha. by the way, beautiful brown hair! I'm your newest follower via one blog that led to another that led to another that led to....yours! hahaha.